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RebelHoofcare VOF originated from the care of horses and their hooves.  Later added products such as RedHorse and HoofArmor. We were initially allowed to offer HoofArmor for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Later came the opportunity to take over a shop around hoof shoes for horses, where we would of course also house these great products ( The network of veterinarians, farriers and other hoofcaretakers increased and suddenly we received the opportunity from the Jones family (USA) to offer HoofArmor for the whole of Europe! We seized that opportunity and see here the online store of Hoof Armor for Europe!

We   - Raymond Brouns and Marjanka Lever - live in the north of the Netherlands with our three horses. Raymond is originally an Industry Technician and Marjanka was Manager Human Relations. In the meantime, Raymond takes care of the ordering and delivery process and  all kinds of technical matters, while Marjanka mainly communicates and takes care of social media. With her background as a Certified Hoof Care Professional and Field Instructor on behalf of Liberated Horsemanship (USA) she understands the various hoof problems well.

We are busy with the shops and the products on a daily basis, and enjoy the great stories of owners and professionals that we can hear, but also see through photos and videos.

We live horses, just like you!

If you have a question, feel free to ask. You can use the contact form below.